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Hi Friends of Strive!

We have started off the year with a bang and will be making some changes to our packaging in the coming months.  This may mean the meals "appear" a little different to how you may have received them in the past. 
Remember, even if a package seems "relaxed" this does nothing to the shelf life and we pack in this way for aesthetics. 

Your product will still be spot on - just may look a little more rustic.  We are moving all our packaging to have this appearance so that we ensure the product does not become "over sealed", making the product too solid and difficult to cook.

Thanks for everyone's feedback to date, and keep it coming if you have anything more to contribute.  If you have any concerns please call one of your friendly Strive team members on 0429 787 483.

Enjoy the trail!

With thanks
The team @ Strive Food