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Seconds meals/ loss of vaccum seal: dispelling the myths...

Once the vaccuum seal of our products is "lost" the contents should not be compromised as the products are dehydrated prior to being bagged.   This is very different than if a raw/ perishable food item lost its vaccum seal as it would be compromised and could no longer be consumed. 

For this intent and purpose we sell our "seconds" meals with the tag phrase "Still as tasty, just not as pretty".  

Our meals come with a "Tastes best before" date, which means the meals will likely not be spoiled but are simply not as tasty after the date.  

We choose to use minimal clear packaging so the contents are visible and you know what you are buying!

We do recommend you eat Strive meals whilst they are "in date" so that you are getting them at their tastiest!  

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