Seconds specials: during processing there will at times be meals where the vaccum seal of the packaging may "relax" slightly.  This does not affect the quality of the meals - they are just as tasty simply not as pretty!  It may reduce the shelf life slightly as the contents are no longer vaccuum sealed - yet as all the ingredients are dried before they go into the packets they are still good to eat.  

As an added control measure for the seconds meals as part of our quality assurance meals are randomly selected and tasted to ensure quality is maintained.  So if you are not fussed by the asthetics of the packaging and are planning on eating the meals in the not too distant future our "seconds" might be the perfect way to enjoy Strive at a further reduced price!  Go to the online store to check for availability of your favourite meal in our seconds area!!

Additional specials:

From time to time we will have web promotions for our "Friends of Strive" stay tuned to see what extra discounts and promotions we are offering.

Happy trekking!

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