All our dehydrated meals are vacuum packed to increase shelf life and are water resistant. Our meals are designed to satisfy both your energy needs and desire for something tasty when on the trail! They are easy to cook, just add water! Our clients find our meals to be generous in proportion and that a single serve per person is ample.  To order any of our meals click on the meal below or go to our online store.

Please note our meals are dehydrated not freeze-dried, which does mean the meals require some cooking (hence add to pot, add water and cook).  Enjoy!
Allergen info: we are updating our website to include allergen specific information that we provide on the product labels.  This will make it easier to make decisions regarding food sensitivities before you buy!  This will include information of the common allergens contained in each meal - please note we are unable to guarantee gluten free status of any of our meals.  


  Strive breakfast options are both lightweight and nutrient dense, designed to give you the perfect  start to your day on the trail.  We have three breaky choices:
Mountain Muesli
Tropical porridge
Fruit Medley Porridge 


Main Meals  

  After a long day on the trail, Strive Mains offer a substantial and tasty meal.  You will be the envy of fellow travellers with your delicious fare.  We have 9 main meal options:
Pasta bolognese
Beef Massaman
Vegetable laksa
Hearty minestrone
Cheese, corn and vegetable risotto
Lentil curry dhal
Creamy vegetable pasta
Chilli Con Carne

Meal Complements

  If you prefer to create your own dishes to suit specific tastes, or would like to add meat or vegetables to bulk up a meal our Meal Complements will do the trick.  
Dried minced beef
Dried mixed vegetables 



  Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury.  Once the pot has been cleaned of a tasty Strive Main, make up a sweet treat to go with that after dinner coffee or hot choc.  Adequately refuelled, you'll be ready for the next days demands.
Butterscotch apples
Fruit custard crumble 



  Every adventure needs a snack break or 6!  You will find the all Tasmanian freeze-dried apple snacks perfect on the go or stop and take a breather and re-fuel.

Forager Fruits Apple Snacks
Sea Shanti Seaweed NEW

24 hour Ration Pack