Cooking Instructions

Cooking all of our Strive Food meals are easy. Simply add water and cook. We do recommend you use a pot larger than 500ml.  Please note: Cooking times are stove and fuel dependent.

** Please note the measurement for a cup (as per our packaging) is 250ml ** 

Cooking Method 1:

Cook the meal for the specified period of time on the packet stirring occasionally. Your meal will then be ready to eat.

Cooking Method 2:

To preserve fuel an alternate method has been recommended by one of our long term Strive clients.

In a pot mix the meal with recommended amount of water on product label and bring to the boil.  Once boiled turn off the gas, cover and let the meal sit for the time specified on the pack.  Bring back to the boil (just to re-heat) and the meal should be ready to eat! 

Cooking Demonstration:
A YouTube cooking demonstration will be uploaded in the coming weeks - stay tuned!